Tenda 3 in 1 Acustica Termica Oscurante Bianco MC720

  9 recensioni

Tenda 3 in 1 Acustica Termica Oscurante Bianco MC720

  9 recensioni
Occultant Thermique Phonique

La tenda fonica Moondream (tecnologia brevettata*) è composta da 3 strati di tessuto assemblati che diano come risultato una energia acustica divisa… » Più informazioni

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Tenda fonica, oscurante e termica

La tenda fonica Moondream (tecnologia brevettata*) è composta da 3 strati di tessuto assemblati in un ordine preciso al fine che diano come risultato :
- una energia acustica divisa per 4, vale a dire fino a 7 decibel in meno (1) ;
- diminuzione del riverbero dei suoni nel locale per un atmosfera avvolgente e ovattata. (Per una superficie di circa 20m², la riduzione del tempo di riverbero è di 0,4 secondi) (2) ;
- un risparmio energetico fino ad un 37% in termini di riscaldamento e qualche grado in meno in estate (3) ;
- una occultazione perfetta della luce.

Il cotone utilizzato per realizzare questa tenda è realizzato in tessuto riciclato.

*Brevetto francese numero 12 50968 / Brevetto europeo numero 2623681
(1) Test realizzato dalla Kiétudes conformemente alla norma EN ISO 10052
(2) test realizzato da CEBTP, rapporto di prova n° BEB2.E.6039-1
(3) Relazione n. PE435 dell'istituto di ricerca e controllo ENVEHO, 11 febbraio 2015

Tessuto prodotto senza sostanze nocive.

oeko tex.png

Scheda tecnica

Noise Reduction (max.)
7 dB
Opacità / Oscuramento
Aspetto materico
Tessuto anteriore : 100% Poliestere / Fodera termica : 99,99% Poliestere + 0,01% Alluminio / Strato acustico : Cotone riciclato
OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100: prodotto senza sostanze nocive
8 asole in acciaio inossidabile di colore canna di fucile - Testa rinforzata non impuntita a basso sopraggitto
Diametro degli occhielli
40 mm
Il colore della parte frontale della tenda è diverso da quello posteriore (bianco)
Lavaggio a secco
1 tenda fonica

Malte K

Schönster und Bester Vorhang (Design, Soundproof, Isolierung)

Habe mir direkt 6 Stück bestellt. Ich hatte ständig das problem von riesigen Fenstern zur Strasse, zu viel Licht, zu Laut, zu kalt im Winter und zu heiss im Sommer. Diese Vorhänge verändert alles! Beste Investition die ich gemacht habe. Und die Vorhänge sehen extrem gut aus - ich fühle mich wie im Design-Fotostudio :-) nun (naja es ist ja auch ein Studio)

Matthew M

Pretty Good - But Expensive

Purchased mainly for the sound insulation. I wasn't expecting miracles, we live on a fairly busy road and a set of curtains can only achieve to much but they definitely made a noticeable difference. It's gone from very much knowing we were on a busy road to sounding like there was a busy road in the distance.Thermal insulation is incredible! We had blinds before and a noticeable temp gradient from the internal wall to window side of the room (which has double glazing). Now we have had to turn the radiator right down as the room became a sauna at the old settings. We are now nice and cozy with an even heat. Pop your hand round the side of the curtain and you feel a big temp drop!Price - The big sticking point and one that held me back from buying for a long time. These are crazy expensive, maybe JUST worth the price if you have a good income level!

Ronny Milke


Tolle, schwere Qualität, gute akustische Wirkung, hilfreiche Video-Anleitung für‘s Ablängen ohne Schere.

Sean Johannes D


Great curtain for keeping sound away :)

Niko Pavlidis

Leider kaum Wirkung

Das Material ist ganz gut aber leider fusselt der Vorhang extrem auf der Rückseite. Die Lärmschutz-Wirkung ist sehr gering und die Farbe Weiß ist eher bläulich. Für den Preis habe ich viel mehr erwartet.

Rody B


I am building a studio for music, I had a lot of issues with reflection points. Which resulted in the a lot noise in the livingroom and bedroom. Due to this curtains I can cranck up the volume, but almost have zero noise coming through. I am so glad to have found these curtains!

Patrik A

Sound pollution

We live close to a quite heavily trafficked road and the curtains blocks out the sharp noises and dampens the sound inside our bedroom, we are satisfied and sleep much better when the sound level has been decreased.

Joyce W


We ordered this to keep in the doorway of our apartment entrance because our dog barks every time he hears anyone come in or out on our floor. We were hoping this might be a good way to keep him from braking but it was a risk as to if it would work in that way for him. BUT IT WORKS!!!!! The quality is excellent, the craftsmanship, materials & ordering/delivery all very very good. We are considering a second one of the doorway to the kitchen & I will recommend them for sure. As a recording artist I love the idea for my studio as well... REALLY EXCELLENT PRODUCT!

Susan S

Outstanding product

Outstanding product. Great service. This purchase was a leap of faith for me and it worked out so unbelievably well! These soundproof curtains are gorgeous. The workmanship is just superb. The seams are beautifully done. The soundproof curtains are double lined and the lining is high quality not cheap looking stuff like I was finding in equally expensive curtains. I didn't know anything about this company or these curtains when I ordered and it has all been a pleasant surprise. Great customer service help when I needed to change colors and the product I got is so far above what was available in the mall. Most importantly our guest room with windows on a very busy corner is quiet and dark. I highly recommend Moondream.

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Tenda 3 in 1 Acustica Termica Oscurante Bianco MC720

La tenda fonica Moondream (tecnologia brevettata*) è composta da 3 strati di tessuto assemblati che diano come risultato una energia acustica divisa… » Più informazioni

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