Tenda Termica Aspetto di Lino Country Baby Marrone MC9017

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Tenda Termica Aspetto di Lino Country Baby Marrone MC9017


Tenda termica

145 x 260 (LxH)
89,00 €
80,10 €

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La tenda oscurante termica Moondream è una soluzione technica ed ecologica "due in uno" che vi permette di avere tutto l'anno una temperatura ideale nel vano interessato e di bloccare fino ad un 100% la luce con un semplice gesto quando ne avete voglia.

Questa tenda è composta da un tessuto oscurante morbido (gamma degli uniti), foderato con la fodera termica Eco by Moondream (prodotto brevettato). Vi permette così di realizzare dei risparmi nel riscaldamento in inverno e di far diminuire la temperatura di qualche grado in estate.

I test realizzati da un laboratorio indipendente hanno dati i risultati indicati qui di seguito.
In inverno, fino ad un 46% di risparmio nel riscaldamento
Verbale n° M101 dell'ufficio tecnico ENVEHO in data 2 settembre 2009
In estate, fino a 3 gradi in meno
Verbale n° 154 dell'ufficio tecnico ENVEHO in data 25 maggio 2010

Brevetto francese numero 09 03899 / Brevetto europeo numero 2462274

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Scheda tecnica

Tessuto anteriore : 100% Poliestere / Fodera termica : 99,99% Poliestere + 0,01% Alluminio
 8 asole in acciaio inossidabile di colore canna di fucile. Testa rinforzata non impuntita a basso sopraggitto. Tende fornite con una banda autoadesiva. Aggiustamento delle tende all'altezza delle vostre finestre.
Diametro delle asole
40 mm
Fabric ID
Colour ID
Lavaggio a secco
1 tenda termica e oscurante
Stephen W

Very good

Very good looking and efficient


efficace et eshétique

Je l'ai posée en voilage indépendant des rideaux avec des anneaux à pince. J'aimerais trouver cette doublure en vente au mètre.

Laurence H

Love them

Love them, appropriate for the dining room in the back of the house.

Lydie O

Excellent quality

Excellent quality

Maria S

So nice

This was for my daughter and they are so nice the material the color everything about it

Ida P

100% effective

Third set I'm buying....first I bought for myself, than for my mom and and now for a friend's new apartment. Superior quality, lightweight and easy to manage and really pretty on the wall. Most importantly, the thermal and blackout fabric is 100% effective.

HingMan L

I love

I love the moon dream curtains so much. Great quality. I will purchase the curtains in the futher. :)

Erin A

Moondream is unmatched quality for the price

I will never buy any other curtain brand again. Moon dream is unmatched quality for the price.

Axelle K

Système à scratch horrible

La doublure est peut-être efficace,mais le système à scratch est horrible. La bande autocollante ne tient pas sur mon rideau, elle s'est décollée se posant de accidentellement sur la doublure. En conséquence ma doublure est détériorée. Je vais devoir trouver une autre solution.

Vctor C

Good quality

good quality seems to work

Margaret C

Truly meets expectation

Love the quality and weight of these. Truly meets expectation for keeping heat in where we have drafty windows!

Jim M

Great quality

We have punched curtains several times and the quality has always been great and the product works like it is supposed to. Would not buy any other brand curtains.

Carole C

Très satisfaite

J'ai choisi cette couleur grâce aux échantillons demandés au service client. Je suis très satisfaite également car je ne sens plus le froid renvoyé par ma fenêtre. Même si cela ne remplace pas une fenêtre bien isolée, on gagne en confort, je recommande.

Georges M

It works

It works

Aldo M

Nice curtains

Nice curtains. My only observation it's that I think the curtains runs a little short on the wide measuring, so take precautions.

Audrey J

Efficace !

Je les ai acheté pour mes trois grandes fenêtres situées plein sud-ouest dans l'espoir de survivre à la canicule et surtout à ce soleil de plomb. Et bien, j'en suis ravie et je ne regrette nullement mon achat.

Maria S


My room looks so nice and the temperature its much better thank you for your work of art

Pauline B


Bonjour , je laisse cet avis car je me suis basée sur les autres et ca mérite un tres bon avis . Les rideaux sont trés performant , ayant une grande baie vitrée plein sud j'ai gagné au moins 4degrés et surtout j economise ma climatisation . Bravo pour cette inovation BARET Pauline

Michele D

Excellent product

Excellent product. 100% blackout of light.

Sherri D

Strongly recommend!

Strongly recommend!

Martine C


je suis enchantée de mes rideaux, les différences de température en hiver et en été sont impressionnantes

W. Maria K

Alles SUPER!!!!

Vielen herzlichen Dank für alles Infos zum Paketversand!!! bzw. die schnelle Lieferung. Das ist Kundenservice vom BESTEN !!!!! Die Decke ist wunderschön und sehr sehr gut verarbeitet, wunderbar mit diesen Ösen, qualitativ hochwertig. Sie erfüllt wirklich den Zweck und lässt keine Kälte mehr durch die Fenster. Nochmals tausend Dank ich bin total begeistert und werde Moondream weiter empfehlen.

Nancy T

Very attractive

The curtains provide thermal protection, privacy, and they are very attractive.

Sabine B


Thank you!! I am really satisfied with the result, it was very easy to stick it to the existing curtain and already think the result is amazing!!!

Louise F


The curtains are an interesting material. They look great in my home. In my case, I have odd size windows (old house), To have custom drapery, it would be at least 4 times the price for a similar product. These drapes cover the drafty windows but allow the beautiful diamond shaped leaded glass to show through.I'm using black tension rods to blend in with the silver/black borders on the leaded glass panels.They look amazing.

James S

Would highly recommend them!

This is the third set of drapes that I have purchased. I love how easy it is to open and close the drapes using the metal grommets. The drapes have a high quality look and feel. I think they do a good job of blocking out sunlight and heat.

Lacy F

Great product

I just put up my moondream winter liners, and I already love them! The Velcro makes it so easy to apply to my curtains. Quick and easy. This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for, for my sliders in my dining room.

Bartolomeo V

Great product

The curtains look very nice, they fit perfectly in our room. Moreover, they are really effective in keeping the warmth in the room. We have tested them during cold days already. No need to turn the heating on!

Mary M

Very well

I purchased just the liners and they seem to be working very well.

emeline d


Bonjour, Nous venons de recevoir ce week-end nos rideaux (9 pour une baie vitrée de 8 mètres). Dès la première nuit à 5 degrés dehors, nous avons constaté 4 degrés de différence entre la partie de la pièce intérieure de la maison et celle de la vitre. De plus le rideau est chic, superbe, même du côté de la doublure, et la lumière est joliment tamisée. Nous sommes très content de notre achat, même si le prix est cher. Il reste à tester dans la durée et en saison estivale. Cordialement. Mme Decshamps

Corinne S

Top !

Hyper efficace ! Style supérieur à ce qu'on peut attendre à ce prix. L'arrivée de modèles haut de gamme est une bonne nouvelle pour ceux qui veulent allier style et efficacité ! Pour moi, je voulais efficace élégant tout en étant simple, donc c'est parfait !

Mariejo W

Doublure themique été

Vraiment efficace ! en plus cette doublure est légère comme une plume et laisse passer la lumière dans la pièce mais pas la canicule. Très bon produit.

Laureen T

Great product

Great product and service again

Gary C

Work well

Seem to work well.

Colleen W


Perfect in every way except I wish they were machine washable. But, I still love them. The curtains truly block out the Arizona sun, which is a big task. True to size, color and description.

Sheila W

Very happy

Drape is beautiful and even heavier than I expected. Very happy with the product.

Frank B

Easy ordering

Easy ordering, simple, classic design and fantastic light blocking material.

Laurel R

I have confidence

Not sure yet. We don't have winter draft issues, but we do have heat issues in the summer. But based on how well the drapes are working, I have confidence the liner will do its job too.

Ben L

Dr. B Lineton

The way of attaching the lining to the curtain is very poor: a velcro strip is just stuck to the curtain like sticky tape. It lasted about a week before it came off.

Kristen W

Very happy

I have had the winter thermal linings for the curtains for about three weeks. When they first came, my spouse and I were concerned because the curtains are so thin, however, since we have had them I have noticed a significant difference in the temperature of our house! It feels so much warmer with no drafty cold air! I am very excited to see how they work mid-winter! Very happy with our purchase.

Lynne M

above her expectations

Curtains. I bought the Black out Thermal curtains for my daughter, a daytime sleeper. She absolutely loves them. They are above her expectations. I had ordered the wrong ones first and everyone was so helpful in making the correct purchase easy and trouble free.

Jim M

They worked wonderfully

Was a little skeptical when they came. Looked pretty thin to keep out the cold. They worked wonderfully. Wish they had smaller lengths.

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